PMG Training are registered and accredited instructors of ALLMI standards and practices

PMG Training
provide learning packages
of the highest standards for safe and effective working with Lorry Loading Operations

Our highly qualified and experienced instructors deliver both theoretical and practical Lorry Loading and related operational knowledge and methods which safeguard safe working practices

Courses have been designed for the safe working practice with Lorry Loading, Slinger/Signaller operations, we can also provide working at Height courses all ranging from novice to experienced operators

Who We Are

Experienced and professional training provider who have obtained and passed on such knowledge to our students, based on the premise of doing the job for many years and a drive to deliver safe training and practices to future operators within our industry 

Our business began in 1987 our director, Peter Graham followed in his fathers foot steps, being a driver the hydraulic and diesel oil was in his blood.

Peter purchased his first Lorry Loader and a set of chains taking the operation without caution, needless to say, Peter realised a more professional approach and training is mandatory to successfully work with such equipment with safety in mind, Peter also understood that without experience or the expertise to conduct such operations his new venture was a non-starter.

Peter embarked upon a professional advancement journey and after completing his initial courses, he realised that both the technical and health and safety aspects of the courses attended, were somewhat lacking in relation to working effectively and safely.  

Peter eventually discovered ALLMI Ltd (The Association of Lorry Loader Manufacturers and Importers) and successfully completed the relevant courses which included the correct health and safety training, the use of the correct equipment and accessories alongside the confidence to operate safely through outstanding training delivery.

Today, Peter has 32 years of experience within the industry which has been driven by his experiences and the ambition to deliver the correct knowledge and safe working environment for all our operations with which we deliver. 

 'What ever mistakes you think you have made I have done worse and paid the price in repairs, plasters and stitches, my only hope for delivering our training as an ALLMI accredited  trainer are to pass on my experience and knowledge  to other people, so they don’t make the same mistakes I did' Peter Graham (2020).

PMG Training and Peter Graham are one of the very few independent instructors in the industry and has been recognised and delivered such training to some of the largest companies in our industry, he is passionate about authentic knowledge and training and importantly strongly believes safety comes first. 



Services we can provide

We provide training both practical and theoretical for the following

Lorry Loader Operations

Our courses are designed to deliver safe working practices when carrying out Lorry Loading methods, training delivers both practical and theoretical knowledge of equipment and methods, promoting safety at all times and in line with current legislation


Our courses are designed to deliver safe working practices when carrying out both slinger and signaller duties, training delivers both practical and theoretical knowledge of methods used for such operations building confidence and to lead safe working at all times and in line with current legislation

Working at Height

Online courses now available! Contact us for further details!

Our courses are designed to enable safe working at height by delivering the latest methods and knowledge in line with working at height safely and the correct deployment of equipment and its use, alongside building confidence to work at height safely and in line with current  legislation

Course Duration

We can provide training and duration as follows

Novice - 2 days

Experienced - 1 day

Working at Height - 1/2 day



Course Prices

The following prices are guidance for courses which may be required, any specialist training requirements or additional services please enquire, we would be happy to discuss your needs

Working at Height Course POA

Refresher courses lorry loader and Slinger/Signaller and experienced operators are  POA

Lorry Loader

Novice course with own vehicle and associated equipment POA

Lorry Loader

Novice course with our vehicles and associated equipment POA


All our courses are accredited by ALLMI (The association of lorry loader manufacturers and importers)

Courses provide a five year accredited license with CSCS marking with our relevant courses*

*In the event of unfortunate failures of our courses, no further charges will be required and additional training will be provided free of charge allowing the student to acquire the relevant standards required as safety is our ultimate objective

Our Locations

We are proud to offer two training locations within the North West of England, Widnes, Cheshire, we can also deliver training at your place of work*

*Any travelling expenses will be charged at a reasonable cost alongside accommodation if required near to your place of work for our accredited instructors